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Pardon The Profanity (Pre-Election Rant)

            Let me begin by saying that I didn’t have any sort of preparation when writing this. No outlines, you know—those nifty little things that many writers use when wanting to write stuff, the one where you put capital letters or roman numerals and then follow a topic sentence to it, and then topic points below it or subtopics, etc. You know what I’m talking about, I know you’re not stupid, or maybe you are. Anyway, you’re the only one who knows you better—or maybe not. Let me get back to what I’m talking about. Yeah, no outlines, no drafts, you know—that kind of crap, just good old cut-throat ranting.

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If I were to define a labor union, I would put it like this: A labor union is a collective group of incompetent workers who gather together in a democratic attempt to mutilate an existing firm’s policies to fit with the substandard and altruistic doctrines of the group, and is motivated by the temptation to achieve a perverted common good.
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